No registration

Push notifications token provided by Apple and Google is unique until you reinstall app.

No phone or SMS confirmation

We will never call or SMS you. We already know your push token :) No one can SPAM to you, if you will keep in secret your ImPushMe channels.

No personal information

We can't process your personal information because we do not have it. But please read our privacy policy.

1. Install app
2. App will automatically register personal channel
3. Receive your first ImPushMe notification
4. Create own channel and share it to others
5. Subscibe to channel of other people
6. Push your own notification





curl -X POST --data "Hello, World!"${mychannel}


<form action="${channel}" 
<input type="text" name="message"/>

Where to use How to use
Free bulk messaging Mass mailing of important messages for those who subscribed. Example: Kyiv city messaging service "1551".
DevOps Engineering A signal about the beginning and end of long long tasks.
System administrator's tasks Immediately notifications from monitoring system. ImPushMe signals when something has happened.
Business panel Notifications about non-standard event. Sales report.
Web site Immediate notification about orders or purchases.
Signal about an important form filled or landing page visit.
CRM system Signalling about new user's activity
Smart Home Notification about any events in your house: opening/closing the door, motion detection, recognition of who came into the house.
Smart devices of
Output abroad permitted GPS coordinates
Your option Make your own use case and write us.

Our life is very asynchonous

We offer a way to control and manage the asynchrony. Push notifications have never been so easy.

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